Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project 365

Day 251: Sleeping at my parents' house reminds me of my college dorm 
Day 252: Charlee came by to get some cuddles from Dad

Day 253: My handmade clay pots from Good Dirt

Day 254: Watched my favorite Christmas movie tonight

Day 255: Day 3 of my week of vegetarian eating.  Veggie stir-fry was not bad.

Day 256: Loving my new jacket and homemade infinity scarf

Day 257: Tonight's dinner is brought to you by my junkfood cupboard

Day 258: The prank wars at school continue

Day 259: Even my kids are getting in on the pranks

Day 260: Jenny looks great with her new top!

Day 261: Weston, my 2nd favorite Westie

Day 262: My tiny Christmas tree, featuring all the ornaments James and I have gotten together

Day 263: And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Day 264: Well, at least I can say this students understands verb tenses

Day 265: Forgot to take a picture until I was already in bed and half asleep, so here's Mac, chilling at the foot of my bed

Day 266: Athens Parade of Lights

Day 267: Milo made a nest while I wrapped presents

Day 268: Book Club Christmas get-together 

Day 269: I hate grading writing

Day 270: Very grateful for electronic report cards this year

Day 271: Zucchini bread for work smorgasbord tomorrow

Day 272: Starbucks date with Robb

Day 273: Can't believe my brother is really getting married

Day 274: Look who came to decorate cookies!

Day 275: Scenes from the kennel, aka my house

Day 276: Ellie stole Milo's pallet, and he was none too happy about it

Day 277: This lovely bruise is what happens when you have four dogs staying at your house and two of them smash into the side of your leg

Day 278: Sweet birthday card from a student.  I may be by myself for my birthday, but at least I'll have Mac and Milo

Day 279: My students know me so well!