Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pottery Class

Due to new phones, saving pictures in various places, etc., etc., etc., I am just now posting about my pottery class from October.  Whoops!  Anyways, this was one of the neatest things I've done in the last 10 months, so I'm glad I finally tracked down the pictures.

My friend found out about a pottery class at a place called "Good Dirt" in downtown Athens.  It was a 'try it' kind of class, so for a pretty reasonable fee, we got a 2 hour introduction class, all materials, and in the end, two handmade pieces of pottery.

We started out with our empty pottery wheels.  The instructor walked us through the basic steps, and we practiced making our wheel go at various speeds.  I was doing great at this part!!

Next came the scary part, I actually got some clay.  

 Once we smacked our clay onto the wheel, we had to center our clay.  This is the step where you pretty much use your entire body weight to to press down on the clay, trying to flatten it out into a flat little cylinder.  We got to attempt this on our own, but mostly the instructor came around came around and fixed our attempts.

Here is my centered piece of clay:

 After the clay was centered, we started hollowing out the middle and building up the sides.

Here is Laura, shaping up one of her pieces of pottery.  She successfully made her first piece.  On her second piece, I vaguely remember her clay flying off the wheel several times during centering.  Apparently it's a pretty common problem, but it was pretty entertaining nonetheless.

This was my first bowl.  There were so many people and only one instructor, so it took quite a while for the teacher to come by and doing the finishing touches on my bowl.  She did some final shaping, trimmed off the bottom, and then cut it off the wheel.  Looks pretty good in my opinion!

Once the teacher cut mine off, I got to start on a second piece.  Here is my attempt at centering my new piece of clay.  This was the good part.  Right after this, my clay flew off the wheel multiple times.  Thankfully, the teacher eventually came by with a new piece of clay and took care of step one for me.

Here is bowl #2, getting cut off the wheel.

After we finishing shaping our bowls and cleaning out our wheels, we got to paint them.  Laura had a little more time than I did, so she ended up creating three bowls.

Christina, if you will notice, has much more interesting pieces than Laura and I.  Just like our painting class, Christina completely rocked this and her stuff came out way cooler than ours.

My two bowls, ready to be painted.

I didn't actually have a vision for what was going to happen with these bowls, so I just picked colors I liked. It was hard to get them painted enough where I felt like the paint would actually show up after they were baked.

The finished projects, ready to be baked.

After we finished!

The end of the class was a little anticlimactic, as we had to leave our pottery there.  There took care of firing it for us, the final step in creating a masterpiece.  A few weeks later, we got to go back and pick up our pieces.  I love how they turned out!

These bowls have now found a home in my bathroom, holding hair ties, tweezers, etc., and they look great.

Project 365

Day 280: Who has two thumbs and successfully installed her own blinds today?  This girl!

Day 281: My first ever teacher mug, unearthed at my parents' house from many years ago

Day 282: Alabama Christmas

Day 283: All these Christmas preparations have worn Mac out

Day 284: Just waiting for Santa
Day 285: Finishing up Christmas with a game of cribbage with my dad

Day 286: Dessert with friends

Day 287: My wish to be back in my own house came true!

Day 288: Happy birthday, me!
Day 289: I always knew Robb was a little special

Day 290: Abby's selfies

Day 291: I will definitely have Abby do my makeup for my next big event

Day 292: Great day for mail at my house

Day 293: Oh, you know, just working on my Jeep
Day 294: Wow, this is one good-looking family

Day 295: Why yes, I rescreened this door all by myself

Day 296: Oh no, I've become my husband!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project 365

Day 251: Sleeping at my parents' house reminds me of my college dorm 
Day 252: Charlee came by to get some cuddles from Dad

Day 253: My handmade clay pots from Good Dirt

Day 254: Watched my favorite Christmas movie tonight

Day 255: Day 3 of my week of vegetarian eating.  Veggie stir-fry was not bad.

Day 256: Loving my new jacket and homemade infinity scarf

Day 257: Tonight's dinner is brought to you by my junkfood cupboard

Day 258: The prank wars at school continue

Day 259: Even my kids are getting in on the pranks

Day 260: Jenny looks great with her new top!

Day 261: Weston, my 2nd favorite Westie

Day 262: My tiny Christmas tree, featuring all the ornaments James and I have gotten together

Day 263: And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Day 264: Well, at least I can say this students understands verb tenses

Day 265: Forgot to take a picture until I was already in bed and half asleep, so here's Mac, chilling at the foot of my bed

Day 266: Athens Parade of Lights

Day 267: Milo made a nest while I wrapped presents

Day 268: Book Club Christmas get-together 

Day 269: I hate grading writing

Day 270: Very grateful for electronic report cards this year

Day 271: Zucchini bread for work smorgasbord tomorrow

Day 272: Starbucks date with Robb

Day 273: Can't believe my brother is really getting married

Day 274: Look who came to decorate cookies!

Day 275: Scenes from the kennel, aka my house

Day 276: Ellie stole Milo's pallet, and he was none too happy about it

Day 277: This lovely bruise is what happens when you have four dogs staying at your house and two of them smash into the side of your leg

Day 278: Sweet birthday card from a student.  I may be by myself for my birthday, but at least I'll have Mac and Milo

Day 279: My students know me so well!