Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project 365

Day 280: Who has two thumbs and successfully installed her own blinds today?  This girl!

Day 281: My first ever teacher mug, unearthed at my parents' house from many years ago

Day 282: Alabama Christmas

Day 283: All these Christmas preparations have worn Mac out

Day 284: Just waiting for Santa
Day 285: Finishing up Christmas with a game of cribbage with my dad

Day 286: Dessert with friends

Day 287: My wish to be back in my own house came true!

Day 288: Happy birthday, me!
Day 289: I always knew Robb was a little special

Day 290: Abby's selfies

Day 291: I will definitely have Abby do my makeup for my next big event

Day 292: Great day for mail at my house

Day 293: Oh, you know, just working on my Jeep
Day 294: Wow, this is one good-looking family

Day 295: Why yes, I rescreened this door all by myself

Day 296: Oh no, I've become my husband!

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