Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Adventures Begin

The time for the 50 new adventures has begun.  I dropped James off in Sacrament, CA on Friday.  We had a very romantic goodbye in the Hertz rental car parking lot, and then I was off to catch my flight back home to Atlanta.

Now that James is gone, the adventures can officially begin.  Let me give you a little background about this whole experience.  James is deploying to Kuwait with a reserve unit out of California.  He will be gone somewhere between 9 months and 400 days (we can start counting on March 22).  To keep myself busy while he's gone and to help the time go by more quickly, I decided that during his absence I would try to do 50 things that I have never done before. With the help of friends, my own brain, and a cool website I found that suggests new activities, I came up with a list of 65 things.  Why 65 you ask?  Well, because that's how many I could come up with.  I put more than 50 on the list so that I have some flexibility throughout the year.  In an attempt to hold myself more accountable, and also to keep my family and friends (and strangers?) up to date on how I'm staying busy, I'm going to be keeping a blog of all of these adventures.

Our last picture together until James comes back
I hope you'll stop by periodically to check in on the adventures!

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