Friday, June 8, 2012

Project 365

This week's update of my Project 365 pictures is more interesting than most.  I just got back from my annual Teaching American History Grant trip.  This was the last trip of a three year program.  The program is a federally funded grant for Social Studies teachers in grades 3 - 12.  Each year, we have a theme that we learn about all year and then we take a trip each summer.  This year's theme was Civil Rights, so we took a bus tour of the Southeast, stopping in Montgomery, AL; Selma, AL; Birmingham, AL; and Memphis, TN.  It was an awesome trip, although I am glad to be home after six days on a tour bus.  To see the rest of the pictures from my trip, you can check out my Facebook album here.
Day 80: Cheering on the Montgomery Biscuits
 We had a free night in Montgomery, so after a delicious BBQ dinner at Dreamland in downtown Montgomery, a few of us walked over to Riverwalk Stadium, home of the Montgomery Biscuits. The Biscuits are a AA minor league team.  We celebrated a victory over the Smokies.

Day 81: Best tour guide ever, sitting at Martin Luther King Jr.'s kitchen table
 We got to tour MLK's parsonage in Montgomery. This woman, Ms. Cherry, was one of the best tour guides of the entire trip.

Day 82: 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  Site of the bombing that killed four young girls

Day 83: Some good Memphis barbecue with the Emamis
 Nicole and I are both friends with George and Denise Emami.  Formerly from Athens, they now live in Memphis.  We were fortunate enough to have a free night there, so we met up with them at Rendezvous, a famous barbecue restaurant down an alley in Birmingham.  The ribs were delicious!

Day 84: The Lorraine Hotel in Memphis; site of the assassination of MLK.  There has been a wreath hanging outside the balcony of Room 306 since the day after the shooting took place.  Very powerful place to visit.

Day 85: Peabody, my travel companion.  He made a great pillow for our 8 hour drive back home today.

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