Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Week Gone By and Not a Penny Spent

I survived my week of not spending any money!  I was officially done as of midnight last night, but I was also officially sleeping at midnight last night, so apologies for the delay.  As provided in my rules, I did spend some money to send James a couple of care packages, but nothing for myself, so I would say I made it successfully.  Below are some of the challenges I faced this week...

*Tuesday's catastrophic dinner challenge (which ultimately ended up a success)
*Watching my friends eat lunch at Ruby Tuesdays while I drank water and ate the free bread
*Not buying popcorn at the movie
*Not buying the Mat Kearney album on iTunes.  This one was close.  I have money in my iTunes account, so I didn't even think about it, and was about to click "BUY" before I remembered that that technically counts as a gift card, and I banned gift cards.
*Eating hot dogs and leftover pasta salad every day for lunch

Really, though, these were all very minor difficulties.  Ultimately, I think this was a really good challenge for myself. I have a tendency to buy myself treats and lunch out, especially in the summer when I have time to kill.  This exercise was really good, though, and I think it will help me not blow through my spending money this summer.  I believe I may have learned a bit of restraint through the whole thing.  All in all, another success!

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