Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project 365... Time to catch up!

Day 24: I hope they at least used all the money they stole to buy candy for their children's Easter baskets.  Actually scratch that, I hope they don't have children.
 On Sunday morning, I was awoken by my phone ringing.  I let it go to voicemail, but got up shortly after and listened to the message.  I had a voicemail from my bank telling me that there were suspicious charges on my credit card, and could I please call them back and verify these charges.  After talking with USAA, they came to the conclusion that someone had made a copy of my credit card and was using it.  I headed out to my car to double-check which card they were referring to... only to find out that someone had smashed in my passenger side window and grabbed my purse (which I had stupidly left sitting on the seat in plain sight).  Turns out they weren't using a copy of my credit card, but rather the real thing.  I quickly called the bank back to check my debit card, and they had used that one as well.  The police came out to make their report, which is actually when the rest of the glass shattered into my car.  The thieves only smashed a hole large enough to get my purse out; it was the officer who opened and closed my car door, causing the rest of the window to fall in.  All in all, the thieves did about $450 in charges the three cards in there, but the bank and credit card companies have already refunded that.  They also got away with my nice purse (the dark red leather one you gave me, Beth!), two wallets, a Publix gift card with several hundred dollars on it, and about $100 in cash.  Insurance will take care of the window after a $200 deductible, but I have a $5,000 deductible on my homeowners insurance, so none of the stolen items will be replaced.

Since then, I've been doing what I can to feel safer and hopefully prevent any future incidents.  My very nice neighbor Adam is in the process of installing a motion sensor light over the garage, but in the meantime I'm sleeping with the porch light on and a light on upstairs so it looks like someone is up and about.  Adam also re-taught me how to shoot my shotgun, but I'm hoping I never need to use that.  I am in the process of getting all of my cards (credit, debit, driver's license, military ID, Barberitos Frequent Rollers Burrito Club) replaced, but this whole thing has been quite a hassle!  I am living off of some cash my Dad loaned me on Sunday, since I can't withdraw anything from the bank and most places won't take a personal check without seeing your driver's license.  It has been very unnerving to have this happen within a month of James leaving,  but he has been very supportive throughout the whole process.  I honestly am not scared for my safety.  If they had wanted to draw attention to themselves, they would have stolen a lot more than the purse.  I think the thieves were just looking for some quick cash.  But like my gramma told me, something like this just makes you feel violated.  If you want to check out the report on the Police Blotter (and read the mean comments of people who told me I deserved it for leaving my purse in sight), you can check that out here.

Now, onto something more fun!
Day 25: Robb and I plan our new lake house (also known as the two-story shed from Home Depot).  We have it all figured out; it's going to be pretty sweet.

Day 26: Praise the Lord, we finished testing!  Five days of the CRCT was more than enough!  While I'm very proud of the effort my kids put into it this year, I'm also VERY glad we have that out of the way.

Day 27: Playing in math with one of my favorite kiddos.  I taught them how to play Contig, and it was a BIG hit
I should have a couple real posts of actual events next week.  My dad and I are hiking part of the Appalachian Trail in North Georgia on Monday, and some friends and I are hitting up the rodeo in Athens next weekend.  I will be on spring break, so I should have time to check a couple of adventures off my list!

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