Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking an art class AND creating a piece of art to hang in my house

On Tuesday, I went to Uptown Art Uncorked with a few friends so I could accomplish two of my 50 goals: take an art class and create a piece of art to hang in my house.  I was originally supposed to be going with Erin who has a slight obsession with owls, so we chose the night where the painting was "Sunset Owl."  Erin ended up bailing on us (something about taking care of her kid or some similar nonsense), but we stuck with the sunset owl anyway.  I'm not really going to describe my painting step-by-step because that sounds really boring, but you can check out the pictures below to see the progression from plain white canvas to sunset owl.  You may notice that one of my members of our party didn't exactly follow the same directions as the rest of us.
All the necessary supplies for painting (well, except for paint)

I texted this to James and told him I was finished.  He guessed it was a blue buffalo and told me it was great.  I have such a supportive husband!
The cool kids from SES

The less cool kids from KES

The sky

All of our clouds

My clouds

Laura P. dries her canvas after phase 1

Branch and sun

This definitely looks like floating glasses.  Eventually, these turned into his eyes

Starting to look like sunset owls

Proof that I really did paint this

Christina kind of took her painting in a different directions

My finished piece!

All of the owls (assuming Christina's is still an owl)

Laura A. shows off her chubby owl

All done!
My painting was hung up within 15 minutes of me getting home....I think it looks great!


  1. Your owl seems to be watching with great interest anyone within her view - as if she is making a decision! Her owl eyes speak volumes! Beth