Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday, my high school best friend Vanessa came into town.  She teaches in South Carolina and is currently on spring break, so she came to Athens for a visit.  She, my friend Laura, and I ventured to Suwanee to go to Sky indoor trampoline facility!
Sky Zone has several trampoline arenas (I guess that's the right word).  Each arena is made up of probably 30 or so individual trampolining squares, so you're each in your own space.  They also have several longer strips for the gymnastically inclined (like Vanessa). The walls are also slanted trampolines, so you can bounce off of those.  All three of us attempted that, but with very little success. Vanessa is a former gymnast and trampoline owner, so her tricks were pretty impressive.  Laura used to have a trampoline, so she at least can flip.  I was perfectly content just to bounce up and down on my little square.  I did find my trampolining strength, however, when we decided to race from one corner of the arena to the other.  I absolutely dominated that.

After some time in the arenas, we headed over to the foam pit, which was by far my favorite part of the whole place.  You have two trampolines, and then you launch off the end into a pit full of foam cubes.  It was so neat because you just sink immediately into the foam.  Apparently I missed out on this by not being a gymnast (that, and the ability to do even a cartwheel).
Getting ready for my first jump

And down the trampolines I go!

Laura in the foam pit

Laura trying to get OUT of the foam pit
Vanessa just hanging out
Overall, we had a great time!  It was only $9 for 30 minutes, so it was an affordable adventure. Our friend Beth was supposed to go, but she couldn't make it this time, so I'm already planning a return trip.

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