Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Should Have Grocery Shopped Before I Decided to Not Spend Money This Week

I am now more than halfway through my challenge of spending no money for the week.  It has actually been fairly easy.  Thanks to some already scheduled events, I have rarely had to provide my own dinner.  Saturday I had a wedding (Maggiano's Little Italy), Sunday I babysat (Papa John's Pizza), and  Monday I babysat (leftover pasta, watermelon, and whatever else I snacked on from the fridge).

Last night is where things got interesting.   I had planned on trying a new Pinterest recipe for dinner last night.  I had two chicken breasts left over from my bonfire which had been sitting in the freezer since Friday., and I conveniently had all the ingredients for the marinade I wanted.  I always have pasta on hand, so it seemed like dinner was going to be a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, once I thawed out the chicken and started to cut it, I realized there was definitely a "DO NOT EAT ME" odor coming off the chicken. I'm a little concerned about that since I just bought it less than a week ago and it has been in the fridge or freezer the entire time, but regardless, I trust my nose.  Into the garbage went my dinner.  My next thought for dinner was a zucchini and bell pepper quiche.  I happened to have a pie crust left over from some earlier quiche, so I figured I was good to.  As I began to unroll the pie crust, it stuck to itself and then crumbled into lots of little pieces.  Upon checking the date on the box, I found out I should have used my pie crust about a month ago.

At this point, I almost broke the challenge and went to Subway.  The only meat in the house is some bacon and some frozen shrimp.  There in no Pasta-Roni (which is what I usually eat my little shrimps in). Fortunately, when googling recipes for zucchini quiche, I came upon a recipe for a zucchini scramble.  Thankfully, dinner was saved.  Half a zucchini, three eggs, some shredded cheese, and three slices of bacon later, dinner was served.  Good thing it tasted good, as this meal will be repeated tonight.

Anybody want to take me out to dinner on Thursday???

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  1. I wish you could join us for dinner! Low-country boil: the sausage, the potatoes, the corn, the shrimps, that's enough. Top if off with a bowl of too much ice cream. <3 Beth