Saturday, September 8, 2012

Joy of Cooking... Homemade Bread and Vegetable Soup

Since school started, I've been doing all my cooking for the whole week on Sundays.  We're working new hours this year, so I'm usually not getting home until after 5.  With a 9:30 bedtime, that doesn't exactly leave a lot of time for me to cook, relax, play with the dogs, work out, eat dinner, do leftover school stuff, run errands, read, and still go to bed at night.  Cooking on Sundays has saved my life this year, and I hope it's a tradition I can get in the habit of now, because I think it will be really beneficial in the long run, especially when there are little Kempers in the picture.  Last week's dinners included baked chicken, chicken confetti spaghetti (a Publix Apron meal), and vegetable soup.  

To go with the vegetable soup, I figured I would want some grilled cheese sandwiches.  In an effort to make some progress on my cooking 10 Joy of Cooking recipes AND enjoy the deliciousness of homemade bread, I cooked up a loaf of quick rise bread from the cookbook.  

It was super easy, and I was able to knock it out in between cooking other stuff and running errands.  

How cute is my new flour canister??

Real bread made with real yeast
My dough was supposed to rise in a warm spot.  What better than my homemade potting bench on the back deck?

Ready to go in the oven

My loaf of bread!
The vegetable soup was also a Joy of Cooking recipe.

It was a very basic recipe, just some beef broth and chopped up vegetables, set on the stove to simmer together for a bit.

A couple hours later, I had a delicious dinner.  And aside from the Publix brand processed cheesefood, it was all complete homemade!

Five recipes down, five recipes to go!

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