Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project 365

Somehow I thought I had updated my pictures more recently, but I guess I just did that in my imagination.

I'm struggling with my Project 365 at the moment.  My iPhone is out of commission as a telephone, so I have switched over to a dreadful Droid in the meantime.  I HATE IT!  The worst part is, the camera is terrible compared to the quality of the camera on the iPhone.  I'm starting to get in the habit of carrying both phones around, as the camera is better on the iPhone and I can still use it for most things as long as I can hook it up to Wi-Fi.  However, I don't always have it on me, so I sometimes have to rely on the Droid for my pictures. There is definitely a difference in picture quality.

I will be sad when Karen leaves for Ethiopia, but I will be happy when she sends me her iPhone!

Day 177: Girls night at the roller derby

Day 178: My beautiful home

Day 179: Nice relaxing bath before bed

Day 180: Just finished this book.  So good!

Day 181: Look what I found in the fridge!

Day 182: Trying to get used to a Droid.  Going to miss my iPhone until I can get a new on in January.

Day 183: I ate so much cookie dough, I'm surprised I had any left for cookies.

Day 184: Go Dawgs!

Day 185: Trying to get organized

Day 186: New fall bedding makes me happy

Day 187: How much is that doggy in the window?

Day 188: It's my favorite thing!

Day 189: Mac has the best tail

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