Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project 365

Day 162: Look who's back!  Just petsitting while his new owners are on a cruise

Day 163: Classy Saturday night at the Winder Barrow Speedway

Day 164: Homemade bread for my grilled cheese sandwich and vegetable soup

Day 165: Shipping out my third Etsy order this week.  Yay for a pickup in business!

Day 166: Using heat and pressure to make edible metamorphic rocks

Day 167: Rocky, my houseguest for the week

Day 168: Great day for mail!  I got my $20 Target giftcard that I won from a blog giveaway, and Google sent me $243.80 just for letting them put some ads in my YouTube video

Day 169: Thirsty dogs at the dog park

Day 170: Two of my loves

Day 171: Found this in an old journal tonight.  My fifth grade thoughts about my mom's cancer
Day 172: I'm going to miss Rocky when he goes home tomorrow

Day 173: Amazing rainbow tonight

Day 174: Jillian Michaels is kicking my butt

Day 175: This is what happened when I tried to read this afternoon

Day 176: Way fun board game at game night tonight

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