Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Wine Tasting and a Beautiful Vineyard

In mid-October, my group of friends from high school and I gathered in Nashville for our annual (well, supposed to be annual) girls weekend.  Our friend Annemarie has a townhouse there, and Nashville was equal travelling for those of us in Georgia and the one of us in St. Louis, so it seemed like a good choice for girls' weekend.  We weren't sure what exactly we would do for the weekend, but luckily Annemarie had some activities planned for us.

On Saturday, we headed out to Arrington Vineyards.  Arrington is owned by Kix Brooks, one of the members from Brooks and Dunn.  It is clearly not a huge vineyard, but it was the perfect size for what we wanted to do.

The vineyard was mostly just a large field for picnicking, the grapes, and one building for wine tasting.

We didn't bring any picnicking stuff, so we put our name in for a (FREE!) wine tasting, bought some bottles of wine for while we waited, and set ourselves up at a picnic table for some afternoon wine sampling.

Two bottles of wine later, it was time for our tasting.  We each got to select three wines to sample.  I think Vanessa and I liked the snacks almost as much as we liked the wines!

We had a great time at the vineyards.  Arrington was GORGEOUS, and the wine was quite delicious!

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