Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project 365...BIG Update

Day 210: Baby Jack (#20) at his football game

Day 211: Checking out the wedding decorations at the rehearsal dinner

Day 212: With my date for the wedding

Day 213: Fall colors in Iowa

Day 214: Loving my sparkly Toms

Day 215: A very cute letter one of my students wrote to James.  She is concerned that he will miss trick-or-treating

Day 216: You know it's getting chilly when I'm wearing leggings and running shorts in public

Day 217: Milo loves his Uncle Robb

Day 218: All the cool kids wear Toms

Day 219: My fake proposal to Amanda at Arrington Vineyards

Day 220: Another great girls weekend

Day 221: Pasta and meat sauce using a Subway meatball sub.  Too lazy to make it to the grocery store today.

Day 222: Bedtime walk with the buddies

Day 223: Crazy hair day at school

Day 224: My bamboo.  One of the first plants I haven't killed.

Day 225: SES, my 2nd home at this point.  My real home misses me, I think.

Day 226: Dinner for the week: Chicken tortellini soup.  It must be fall.

Day 227: Finally felt like fall today.
Day 228: Homemade mouse ears.  Ready for the storybook character parade tomorrow.

Day 229: Storybook character parade

Day 230: Look what came in the mail!  Can't wait to go to this game with my husband.

Day 231: UNO while we wait for buses

Day 232: Expressing our feelings at Camp

Day 233: The red group

Day 234: Balloon release at Camp

Day 235: Three dog tug-of-war

Day 236: Election day!

Day 237: A new notebook was just what I needed to inspire me to write back to my penpal

Day 238: PTO Literacy Night at school

Day 239: My weekend visitors
Day 240: Nothing beats a cute dog on a nice fall day
Day 241: My shoes for the upcoming Thomson/Jones wedding

Day 242: Mega crafting in preparation for the craft fair Saturday

Day 243: My buddies are tired of all the crafting and wish I would play with them instead

Day 244: Dinner with friends

Day 245: Love the picture on this one

Day 246: Ready for the craft fair tomorrow

Day 247: Robb wasn't happy with how I set up my table at the craft fair, so he rearranged it for me

Day 248: Love this little guy and his bedhead

Day 249: The view driving to the grocery store from Tamara's house.  I'll take this over suburbia any day

Day 250: Using my week off of school to play for.... school

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