Thursday, May 17, 2012

Project 365

Before the pictures, I promise there will be an actual adventure post coming up soon.  There are 3 days left of the school year, followed by 3 post-planning days, and then I will have all the time (unfortunately, not all the money) in the world for my adventures.  But for now, here is over a week's worth of photos.
Day 55: Homemade lamingtons for my kids to enjoy tomorrow as we study Australia for International Day

Day 56: A student teaches us about Poland for International Day...Needs to work on how to hold the poster while presenting

Day 57: Statham Stampede 2012

Day 58: I got excited when the UPS guy delivered a box of flowers, only to find out they were for my roommate

Day 59: Rainy garden tour for Mother's Day

Day 60: Love letter from Kuwait

Day 61: Hilarious class picture from field day

Day 62: Must put down Kindle and go to sleep

Day 63: Stocked up for my class's awards tomorrow

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