Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Puzzling Puzzles

As of my last update, this is all that was finished
I am making tremendous progress on my 1,000 piece Yosemite puzzle, and I'm hoping to cross that off my list soon (and frame the puzzle to hang on my wall).  I finally suffered through a couple hours of tedious work while I tried every possible piece of the sky, until finally that section was complete.   

That part was so terrible, that I then ignored the puzzle for several weeks.  I recently swapped the office and the guest bedroom, requiring me to move my puzzle.  Seeing my puzzle reminded me that I should probably finish this project at some point. I suffered through another couple of hours and was able to complete the tree portion.

All I have left is the part I really don't want to do.  I have the rocks in the water and all that reflection, and I'm pretty much putting that off as long as possible.  I need the desk back so I can work on my Etsy project, so I'm sure I'll finish eventually.  If anyone is looking for something to do one afternoon, let me know and you can come work on my puzzle :)


  1. You go girl. You are doing great. I can't wait to see you Sunday. I have a little (very little) surprise here too.