Sunday, August 5, 2012

Parade of Nations Progressive Dinner

For the Olympic opening ceremonies, several of us decided to have a progressive dinner, where each stop would be themed around a different country.  We figured we only had time for three stops if we were going to make it to Laura's in time for the opening ceremonies.  We also figured drinks shouldn't be its own stop since we had to drive from house to house, so that simplified things a little bit.  We ultimately decided on Christina's house for drinks and appetizers, my house for a main course, and then Laura A.'s house for dessert and actually watching the show.  Laura P. contributed to a side item for the main course, since we didn't actually stop at her house.  Check out the pictures of our fun dinner below!  Also, make sure to notice the kickass homemade Olympic shirts (hand-created by Laura P.).
We started off the evening with Greek appetizers at Christina's house

The bruschetta was delicious!

I could have eaten this whole bowl of feta dip by myself

It was even better with a glass of homemade Sangria

Laura and Christina

Since Laura and I didn't have husbands that could join in the fun, we wore matching shirts (not sure how those  things are related....but just go with it)

On to my house for tacos.  I wanted to do something a little more ethnic, but this was a group of picky eaters and I didn't want to make a new recipe if 5 other people have to suffer through it
My beautifully set dining room table

At the table

Milo wanted to join in the fun

On to Laura's house for French crepes.  Laura wins the award for best  cultural souvenirs

Some more France accessories

All the crepe fillings

Getting the last of the crepe fillings ready

Cooking crepes

The finished product

Filling crepes with deliciousness such as Nutella, peanut butter, butterscotch, strawberries, and bananas

The Pricketts work together to make the most delicious crepes

Enjoying crepe #1

Enjoying crepe #2

And then we actually watched the Olympics, and the Queen looked THIS happy!

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