Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project 365

Day 131: Thought I'd cook from an old fashioned cookbook today instead of just looking up a recipe on Pinterest

Day 132: Beth taught us how to make candles

Day 133: All the finished candles

Day 134: Eating crepes for our Parade of Nations Progressive Dinner in honor of the Olympic opening ceremonies

Day 135: Meet Peter J. Funnybunny!

Day 136: Cleaned out my closet.  Goodwill pile on top, my now more spacious closet on bottom!

Day 137: Happy National Cheesecake Day!

Day 138: Time to renew my passport.  Sad to be losing my Australia and New Zealand stamps

Day 139: Started my penpal project with a postcard to my friend Tamara

Day 140: This bunny will be finding a new home if he chews up my puzzle

Day 141: Friday afternoon carnival at Camp Cocoon

Day 142: High flying on the blob

Day 143: Butterfly release at Camp Cocoon

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